We shy away from the town because of the obnoxious crimson and white, “Roll Tide”s and Big Al supporters, but here is just one more reason to stay away, far away, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Sure, Bama has a pretty good chance of stomping us once more in the Iron Bowl, but at least we have motivation.

The Buisness Insider announced last Friday that Tuscaloosa was the No.1 laziest city in America.  Sure, some are shocked, but here on The Plains we had no doubt!

OK, Bama.  We’re ready for another Iron Bowl.  But win or not, we’re not the Loosers.

Read The Business Insider article at: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-25-laziest-cities-in-america-2009-11#no-1-tuscaloosa-al-25