Even though they are 5-4, some are saying the Bulldogs are going to beat the Tigers tomorrow.  Last time I checked, we were 7-3 and had one heck of a tailback by the name of Ben Tate.  FanIQ.com reports that Tate has rushed for 1,142 yards and 8 touchdowns, making him quite the threat.

Many of us have become frustrated once more with QB Chris Todd this season, but the truth is, he has thrown for 17 touchdowns with only 3 interceptions (nearly four times less than Brodie in that memorable 2005 Iron Bowl).  Maybe he hasn’t been crazily impressive, but he’s not terrible.  And he can surely outdo Joe Cox.

And we haven’t even mentioned Gus Malzahn yet.  His spread offense has been refreshing, and more exciting to watch than in years past.  Charles Goldberg of The Birmingham News shared, “Chizik also said he’s liked the way offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has also gotten the ball to Fannin and Smith” in yesterday’s “Auburn Notebook”.  We all love to watch Mario at work!

Sadly, Zac Etheridge will not be suited up this weekend, but the Tiger’s have his spirit and will surely pull out a win against the Dawgs.

This goes without mentioning the drama between the hedges.  We’re assuming their going to play Cox, but who knows who they decide to start?  It’s all getting a little fishy…

Underrated talent coupled with controversy is sure to result in Auburn’s favor.  Support your Tigers by watching the South’s oldest rivalry tomorrow on ESPN 2 at 6PM.  WAR EAGLE!


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