Surely you’ve heard of the meteor shower taking place tonight and tomorrow morning.  It’s called the Leonid Meteor Shower and it is supposed to be one of the greatest of our lifetime. says that we may see anywhere between 30 and 300 stars at the evening’s peaks.

Supposedly, the best show will occur around 4:45pm ET Tuesday, the 17th.

If you are planning to catch a glimpse of this historic event, there are a few tips you may not have thought about.  Star Date Online suggests that you drive out of the city to avoid light pollution.  This will help you view the shower more clearly.  And make sure that it is north, as the glow will dominate the northern horizon.  Also bring lawn chairs, snacks and hot cocoa, and blankets.

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You don’t want to miss this opportunity, so go ahead and set those alarms on your cell now!