There have been plenty of movies about the differences of cats and dogs.  In fact in one childhood favorite, Homeward Bound, the appropriately named “Sassy” even states, “Cats rule, dogs drool”.

And thank goodness the Associated Press joined for a recent poll to answer the age old question of which friend Americans find more appealing.

I personally cannot pick a favorite.  How can you pick a dog’s charismatic face and willingness to please over a cat’s independence and spunk?  But I guess not everyone loves them equally…

We obviously love animals because 59 percent of American households have at least one pet, with 74 percent owning dogs and 47 percent owning cats.

Likability mirrors ownership, as the poll concludes that 74 percent prefer dogs while 41 percent rather own cats.

Either way, the people of the United States have spoken – whether we prefer man’s best friend or frisky felines, we are a nation of animal lovers.

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