The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yearly renders some of the coolest gadgets in the world!  Every year the public anticipates what new goodies we have to look forward to in the near future, and even though we’ve spent the past year in a recession, the CES didn’t disappoint.  So, techies, here are you gadgets in no particular order:

1) Toshiba CELL TV with gesture technology

The first thing I thought about when I read about this was Disney World.  There is a ride at Epcot that features this gesture technology as you wait in line.  So say “adios” to your remote control; soon it will be a superfluous electronic of the past.  Gesture technology allows TV watchers to change channels with a wave of their hand.  Available 2011 or 2012.

2) TCL 3-D TV, sans glasses

People have been talking about this for the last year or so.  3-D offers a new way to watch everything from the latest blockbusters to your local news.  But if there is one downside to viewing in the new dimension, it would have to be the awkward goggles.  However, with TCL’s new TV you can toss the 4 eyes to view 3-D.  Available 2011.

3) Blio e-reader

This software application turns any laptop, netbook or smartphone into a full color electronic reader.  What’s the best perk?  It’s free!  Available February this year.

4) Tivet

This device brings mobile TV to phones!  Tivit uses an antennae to pick up mobile free digital TV signals from local stations, and transmits them to phones via Wi-Fi.  Available Spring 2010.

5) Samsung TV remote with a TV screen on it

This remote is just as it sounds, and even has it’s own audio!  Available 2010

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