Lane Kiffin, the University of Tennessee’s new coach, has decided to leave Rocky Top.  He vowed to beat Florida and turn Tennessee back into a national power…but he didn’t have time to do it in the mere 14 months he was head coach.

Fans have volunteered to personally kick him out the state, and boot him to his new post in California where he will be replacing his mentor, Pete Carroll, at USC.

Yes, the Vols accomplished more in the 2009 season than the last few years Phil Fulmer held the playbook.  But did he prove himself to be landing such a cushy job?  Head coach at USC?  Really? Give me a break.

The SEC has proved itself time and time again, especially these past four years.  Though we Auburn fans may not particularly care to hear Rocky Top what seems to be 1,000 times a game, there is one thing we and our fellow SEC champions can agree on – we all despise USC!

As for Kiffin, good riddance.  He’s sure to be in over his head.

So go ahead Lane, take your daddy and cronies to Cali, and if you’re lucky, we’ll see you again soon.  Unfortunately for you, it will result in your defeat.

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