For weeks now fans have been protesting across the nation – from LA to NYC – in honor of Conan O’Brien.  Since NBC’s controversial decision to oust the Tonight Show host of merely 7 months, fans have been coming out of the woodwork to show their support.

The Facebook group, “I’m with COCO”, has nearly 550,000 members as of today, with people supporting the famous carrot-top on Facebook as well as Twitter.

The big news today, however, is that Conan and NBC have reached a deal.

O’Brien will receive a payout package worth an estimated $32 million U.S.. In addition, his staff will collectively receive $12 million in severance pay. Many of O’Brien’s 200 staff members uprooted themselves to Los Angeles from O’Brien’s former home in New York when O’Brien took the reins of The Tonight Show last June.

There is speculation as to what Conan’s next move will be.  Some rumors suggest that he may land a spot at Fox.

One thing is for certain, with a resume (and fans) like his, COCO won’t be jobless for long.

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