Indonesia is thinking about taking a controversial step in the name of conservatism.  To boost the coveted tigers’ population, Indonesian authorities are seriously considering renting out the felines at $107,000 a pair.  Any cubs that are born will also be property of the state.

Sound weird?  There are restrictions, besides the finances, to renting your own tiger.  You must have a 16 foot by 19 foot by 32 feet enclosed space to keep the striped beauties and must allow visits at three-monthly intervals by a team of vets, animal welfare officers and ministry staff.

Officials truly believe that this will help curb illegal hunting of the tigers and increase their population.

However, many environments argue that this will only lead to more problems.  They say that having the animals around so many humans and being domesticated will actually hinder their ability to hunt for themselves and re-enter the wild.

Surely everyone can agree that either way it is unusual to own a tiger.  Hopefully, Indonesia will put the animals and not their own interests first.

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