Many Apple lovers are holding their breath until tomorrow, when the company is set to release an new product at an invite-only event in San Francisco.  Rumor has it that the product is Mac’s version of a tablet, called a “slate”.

We’ve heard of people camping out for iPods as well as iPhones, and if the slate does make a debut, surely it will follow the same fate.

Now, there are haters and lovers in the world of Mac, and they both have different things to say not only about the slate but of the company as a whole.

There is even a Facebook group dedicated to the demise of the technology innovator titled, “I hate Apple”, in which one member wrote, “”I HATE THE PRETENTIOUS WAY ALL APPLE-FREAKS WORSHIP THEIR PRODUCTS, and that you in no way, what … so… ever.. can have a reasonal (sic) discussion about their products without them talking about how pretty their iPhone is”.

Then you have the Apple worshipers, known as The Cult of Mac.  These folks buy anything from iPhones to Apple televisions, and are dedicated to the company and its products.

If you happen to be a member of The Cult of Mac, check out their website at for new and exciting ideas and products making their way from Silicone Valley to Main Street!

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