Have you ever heard of Kleine-Levin Syndrome?  Probably not, but you have surely heard of Sleeping Beauty.  That is basically what Kleine-Levin Syndrome, or Sleeping Beauty Sickness, is.

Louisa Ball of Great Britain is a real life Sleeping Beauty, but not even Prince Charming can wake her at times.  Ball first came down with Kleine-Levin Syndrome after a bout with the flu in 2008.  She began sleeping for days at a time, 15 days her record.  During these spells she must be woken to eat and use the restroom.

Ball doesn’t like the idea of being this sleeping princess, however, because it has caused her to miss vacations, social events, and many, many school days.  Catching up after a few weeks out could consist of taking a couple of test, all of the material of which she has missed.

Many teenagers can appear to be in sleeping spells, but only 1,000 people worldwide are said to have suffered from Sleeping Beauty Sickness.  However, most people are said to grow out of it.

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